Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Note from a Girl (2005)

It was the Fall of 2005, and I had been on a few dates with this girl. One night, she and I were hanging out with my roommate. She brought her guitar over and we jammed on a few songs together. Then, she and my roommate started drinking like they had been waiting for the week to end. She stayed over for the night, left me this note in the morning, and I never saw her again:

But, the funny part came later…

A day or two after we hung out, I couldn’t find the capo for my guitar. I looked everywhere in my room, but it wasn’t to be found. I was pissed…she had taken my capo! I told my roommate, “Dude, can you believe it? She took my f’n capo!” It’s not like they cost a lot of money, I just couldn’t believe anyone would take something from me. And, I wasn’t about to call her and ask her – I really had no interest in seeing her again. So, I went out and bought another capo.

Then, a month or so later I was in my room, and my capo reappeared. I think I just started laughing and said, “Oh, there’s my capo.” My roommate thought it was pretty funny after hearing my false accusation.

But, I have since lost one of those capos. I’m thinking I must have “loaned” it to someone at the 2008 Focusin reunion…