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The Social Network from Netflix (What would my status updates have been when I was a freshman?)

Facebook didn’t exist when I was in college. A few people I knew had email, and I remember my junior year being part of my first instant messaging experience. I made it through four years undergrad at Boston College and two years getting my Master’s at Wheelock College without even owning a computer. I know I am dating myself, but these are the facts. After recently watching The Social Network, I thought it might be amusing to see what would have been some of my status updates in my four years at Boston College…

Here are some that would have been entered for my first year followed by more thoughts about the movie – I tried as much as possible to use the correct dates for when everything actually happened using my medical records and internet searches…

August 31, 1992 2:07 PM – Just arrived at Gonzaga with my fam, it’s wicked hot out and I’m the only one in my room. I’m betting I’m the only one in my dorm who went through chemotherapy for a brain tumor this summer…

Dave McGrath is now friends with Patrick Salmon

September 2, 1992 7:34 PM – Met the new roommates and told one of them about my cancer. That was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be…

September 4, 1992 11:32 AM – Off to UMass in “Woostah” for my sixth round of chemo, hope all the hot nurses are workin’ this weekend!

September 5, 1992 12:00 PM – May be in the hospital, but still watching the first BC Football game…GO EAGLES!!!

September 5, 1992 1:36 PM – Halftime of BC-“Rutgahs” and I’m being interviewed for the Worcester Telegram! (35 people like this)

September 6, 1992 8:04 PM – First day of school tomorrow…

September 8, 1992 1:15 PM – Some dude in my dorm didn’t believe me when I told him my pre-chemo senior prom picture was me. Ouch. Told him about the big “C” too…

September 8, 1992 3:16 PM Just saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in one of my psych classes…

September 10, 1992 1:55 PM – Just puked at The Rat into the garbage in front of everyone, that was fun…thanks for the help, Chris!

Dave McGrath is now friends with Tim St. Louis

September 14 2:07 PM – Thought about preaching to a few cigarette smokers on campus, but kept my mouth shut…

September 16, 1992 10:11 AM – Happy Birthday, Ca!

September 16, 1992 12:17 PM Going back to UMass today, damn low counts and fever…

September 18, 1992 2:32 PM – at least Benadryl in the IV is nice…

September 21, 1992 4:05 PM – Still in the hospital, but a guy from my dorm lent me NHL Hockey ’93 for my Sega…off to play

September 22, 1992 11:30 AM – is listening to new Extreme album his brother Jon brought him on the Discman he lent him…thanks, Jon!

September 23, 1992 10:02 AM – Been at the hospital for a week now…Happy Birthday, Dad!

September 26, 1992 8:03 PM – thinks Tragic Comic is one of the best songs ever written…

September 27, 1992 2:30 PM – Being discharged today! Also, met with radiologist and he said I won’t be needing radiation…Great news, but doesn’t surprise me! (102 people like this)

September 28, 1993 5:00 PM – my RA left me a bunch of angry notes asking why I wasn’t attending any hall meetings. Sorry dude, I was in the hospital because of cancer…

September 28, 1993 5:05 PM – just made my RA feel like crap and he apologized for not knowing what was going on...

October 5, 1992 10:10 AM - Happy Birthday, Mom!

October 8, 1992 5:33 PM – Off to the “Gahden” for Bruins home opener…go B’s!

October 8, 1992 10:43 PM – Back from game, B’s win in OT!!!!

Dave McGrath is no longer listed as "In a relationship"

October 18, 1992 11:38 AM - Happy Birthday, Tom!

October 31, 1992 10:32 PM – Back from Bruins game with my dad…B’s lose 3-2, but some dude dressed as Pope was ripping up pictures of Sinead O’Connor

November 7, 1992 8:25 PM – tough loss for the Eagles against ND…ouch.

November 24, 1992 11:30 AM – Back home for Turkey Day!

November 26, 1992 12:00 PM – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 1992 3:00 PM – Just took a picture of my father clearing a dish…first time for everything!

November 27, 1992 12:47 PM – Getting ready for some post-Turkey Day street hockey at Fales…all are welcome to join!

November 28, 1992 8:04 PM – Have you ever been to Mass and the sermon was about you?

Dave is now friends with Wendy Douglas

December 11, 1992 11:43 AM – Happy Birthday, Meg…welcome to your teens!!

December 14, 1992 – “FUCK FINAL!” – Written on a stall in Gonzaga Hall Men’s Room

December 18, 1992 2:46 PM – Off to the ‘Boro for XMAS…see ya later, BC!

January 19, 1993 3:33 PM – Back on The Heights, B’s just tied the Isle…dammit

January 22, 1993 6:48 PM – off to Godzilla Burger with the guys from the dorm and after that: party on Comm Ave!

January 22, 1993 8:22 PM – Where have you been all my life?

January 23, 1993 12:05 AM – Puked all over myself at party, thank you to Patrick and Chris for carrying me home…music before sleep, I’m thinkin’ Commitments…

January 23, 1993 10:32 AM – Back from brunch at McElroy, just found out hot girl from psych class saw me being carried home last night…D’oh!

January 23, 1993 1:45 PM – Best line from last night. My friend Mike’s friend: I think your friend spilled his beer. Tim: I think he spilled his lunch!

January 25, 1993 6:03 PM – Off to Orpheum with Tom, Patrick, and Tony to see Extreme!!!

February 5, 1993 9:04 PM – Back from skating at Conte with Patrick…ran into Wendy there

February 14, 1993 1:12 PM – just posted entire lyrics to “Cupid’s Dead” on my door

February 20, 1993 12:34 PM – thinks he may have talked to his cousin Katie on the phone last night…will have to check with Patrick

March 5, 1993 3:33 PM – Time for Spring Break! Got a great package that included free transportation, room, and food…going home.

March 17, 1993 3:05 PM – 22???????????????? (My housing lottery number out of 2000something) – only 21 students with worse numbers than me.

March 17, 1993 7:07 PM – Back from Chansky’s with Chris, gonna attempt to forget lottery number…

March 31, 1993 2:15 PM – just wrote poem titled “Sad Deathnight!”

March 31, 1993 7:49 PM – Surprise bday visit from the parents…thanks, Mom and Dad!

April 10, 1993 5:03 PM – Everyone come over to Bowman Street for B’s-Habs game!!!

April 18, 1993 6:45 – off to Walsh Hall to watch B’s playoff game against Sabres…go B’s!

April 18, 1993 10:40 PM – Ouch. Damn you, Sabres.

April 24, 1993 7:30 PM – B’s may get swept tonight, but I’m going to see My Mother’s Fleabag!

April 24, 1993 10:14 PM – B’s swept, but Fleabag was great and Amy Poehler stole the show!

April 25, 1993 4:12 PM – Just won a lip-synch contest with Tim St. Louis performing Denis Leary’s Asshole! Off to be Patrick’s confirmation sponsor…

April 30, 1993 8:43 PM – heading out to off campus “shin dig” with the buds…

May 1, 1993 2:15 PM – last night included: running away from my friends at the party, being picked up and handcuffed by BC cops, and taken to BC infirmary by BCPD…ugh

May 13, 1993 3:00 PM – Survived my first year at BC!!!

May 20, 1993 4:26 PM – Heading to Bull and Finch to watch last episode of Cheers on a big outdoor screen…psyched, but sad.

So, back to the Social Network/Facebook movie….

It was interesting, but definitely not a best picture. I love movies that are true stories, and was surprised I hadn’t found this Chasing the Frog website before. I always check out the IMDB Goofs after watching movies based on true stories, and this one had a few. But, I dug deeper to see what else I could find online relating to the true story of Facebook. Here are some of the things I found:

Articles from The Crimson about Mark Zuckerberg.

Annotated Guide to Crimson Articles mentioned in the Social Network.

The actual Animal Cruelty Article from The Crimson, that doesn’t mention Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin by name.

The Synapse website that was Zuckerberg’s senior year project in high school.

An article by Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin What I Learned From Watching “The Social Network” (I honestly can’t believe this guy has a Facebook page and wants anything to do with the site. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand…)

So, Mr. Zuckerberg, where does Facebook go from here? I’d like to have 7 billion friends. Can Facebook make everyone on earth friends with each other? If not, what’s the point? And for the Love of God, why can’t you make Facebook have the same music pages that Myspace does?

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