Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tales of the Lost Formicans Program (Clark University, 2/26/11)

After browsing Worcester’s Cultural Calendar online this afternoon, I found this play the Clark University Theater Department was presenting. The price was definitely right, so my girlfriend and I went to check it out after our first stop at Beatnik’s.

The play had sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, cursing, multiple generations, aliens, and a nurse (it was a male nurse, so I didn’t get too excited – but in case you didn’t know, I Love Nurses). Add those ingredients to a lot of great delivery that made me laugh, and you have a performance I really enjoyed.

I won’t go into details with individual performances, but everyone did a great job. I could feel the emotion, conflict, and drive to find peace in each character. And the crowd definitely responded.

I think the point of all art is to move you in some way - make you laugh, think, or feel. This play did that to me, and I will take that anytime over some dumb reality TV show. I also really want to read the script now…great job Clark U Theater!

Okay, third period…go B’s!

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