Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter from a BC Student (Sophomore Year)

My sophomore year at BC, I was in the middle of my two-year long struggle with drinking. I also was still adjusting to post-cancer life and all of the BC ladies that I encountered. Poetry was the best way I could express myself when I dealt with cancer, drinking, and women. It usually ended with me either hearing or reading something like this:

I did deal with rejection a lot those first few years at BC. And wouldn't you know it? Drinking was not a healthy way to deal with that rejection. It made me feel worse and I'm sure made me less desirable to the BC girls and people in general.
Today is Superbowl Sunday. On Superbowl Sunday my sophomore year in college, I was at McLean's trying to get help for my drinking and emotional issues. When I was there, I was telling one of the doctors about my struggles with cancer, drinking, and women. I will never forget his response: "Well, that definitely sounds like a recipe that will put you in a place like this."
I'm glad to say that I've gotten over the drinking and rejections, and will be watching the Superbowl with friends at a home instead of hospital. Still doing my best to fight cancer...

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