Sunday, February 20, 2011

Denis Leary Autograph (1997)

My man-crush on Denis Leary is no secret. You can read all about it on the blog for my Rescue Me T-shirt.

I’ve been lucky to have met Denis a few times.

The first was after a Bruins-Rangers game the day after I turned 21. My father and I were at “The Gahden” “wicked early” to watch the teams warm up. I will never forget watching Mark Messier take the ice and circle towards me. I was right up against the glass and was mentally begging him to look at me. When he was only a few feet away from me, he looked right at me and I flipped him off. His facial expression (one of “Did he just do that?”) told me that he definitely saw my “greeting”. So, before the game I said f- you to one of my least favorite players, and after the game I met Denis. Other than the B’s losing, it was an awesome day.

The autograph I got from Denis was a few years later at the Newbury Comics in Burlington, MA. Denis was promoting his new CD Lock ‘N Load, and signed autographs after doing a 30-minute musical set. I had him sign my No Cure For Cancer book “From one asshole to another”, and he got a kick out of that. He also laughed when I told him that I went to St. John’s and that “St. Peter’s” sucked. Even though it is now called Saint Peter-Marian, Denis and I went to rival high schools.

The other times I met Denis, he was just as friendly and made him even more of a hero to me. Looking forward to the next time, and hoping somehow I can get him to join me in Skating for Hope

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