Sunday, August 21, 2011

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III DVD, Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD, Family Guy Blue Harvest DVD

Whether it’s the 15 Star Wars related t-shirts I wore, old toys, Star Wars scans, or these DVDs; I don’t try to hide my love of Star Wars.

Luckily, Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane remind me that I’m not the only one…and the Force is strong with both of them.

If you’re a Star Wars fans and haven’t seen the Robot Chicken and Family Guy spoofs, definitely check them out.

Even though I think the RC Episode III wasn’t as funny as Episode II or the original RCSW, it’s still hilarious.

And I would say Blue Harvest was the best Family Guy Star Wars, followed by the Empire and Jedi spoofs (see my Family Guy Star Wars t-shirts here and here).

What I like about Robot Chicken and Family Guy is that they make fun of everyone, including themselves. No one is safe; even favorite movies set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

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