Monday, August 29, 2011

My Older Sister, Brother, and Younger Brother on Big Stone Farm Rock, PEI

When I think of PEI, I think of my family. I think of my grandparents and the long trip up every summer. I think of this big rock and how huge it seemed. I think of the smell of the dewy grass when I’d run over to see what my grandmother was making for breakfast. I think of my grandfather sitting in his chair. I think of the beach and Rainbow Valley. I think of wiffle ball with my brothers and Scott. I think of the summers my aunt, uncle, and cousins were up there at the same time. I think of relaxation. I think of the ferry rides and the bridge. I think of the Island hockey players. I think of the racetrack and getting fresh cut fries on the Cavendish boardwalk. I think of how endless the stars seem. I think of Celtic music, Fiddlers’ Sons, and Cynthia MacLeod. I think of driving up the lane before I had a license. I think of not letting brain cancer get in the way of making the trip. I think of deep-sea fishing and Cow’s ice cream. I think of visiting the farm and Hughes trailer. I think of when the only way of communication was CB radio. I think of how I didn’t appreciate The Island’s beauty as much when I was younger. I think of East Point, Dalvay, and The Dunes. I think of how The Island makes it easy for me to let go. I think of stories, memories, and laughs. Mostly, I think of how one of the biggest reasons why I love PEI so much is because I have awesome people in my life to share it with…

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