Saturday, August 20, 2011

Despicable Me Ticket (8/20/10)

Even though the ticket I bought a year ago today was printed for The Expendables, I really went to see Despicable Me with my “Little Brother”.

We started hanging out in May of last year, and went to a lot of movies last summer. He had only been to the movies a handful of times his entire life, so I wanted to change that.

We went to the movies a lot, got ice cream, played video games, and went skating, bowling, and arcading. It was a lot of fun, and I like to think that I was a positive influence on him.

Our fun continued into the fall and winter and then one week in December, I called his mother to finalize plans. Someone else answered the phone, and told me his mother was in jail. I immediately called the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Office, and they tried to keep contact with the family with little success.

By Christmas, they had moved away and all I had was an address. I sent him a Christmas package that was returned because it didn’t have an apartment number on it. Another BBBS volunteer who was working with one of my “Little’s” siblings told me she wasn’t given any apartment number and the mother’s cell phone had been turned off.

I never heard from them again, and was never able to send him his Christmas package. It was tough to not be able to say goodbye in any way. BBBS asked me if they could match me with another “Little”, but I guess I wasn’t ready. Maybe it’s time…

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