Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rejection Letter from Boston Review

I haven’t kept my rejections a secret. Henry Morrison, the BC Stylus, McIntosh & Otis, and the Massachusetts Film Office all rejected my submissions. Those days are always tough, and today was another one of them.

But, it wasn’t the Boston Review rejecting me today; I got this letter a few years ago after submitting poetry. Today I found out that the Crohn’s Advocate magazine didn’t use the picture I submitted, and I didn’t win the $5000 video contest. I know I’ll get over it; it’s just a little tougher when it comes twice in a day. And just like all these rejection letters I’ve saved, I use it as fuel to better myself and keep going after my dreams.

So, thank you, rejecters. I hope someday sooner rather than later you’re contacting me and I’m the one who gets to choose.

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