Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crohn's Poem (5/8/07)

Since today marks 23 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (see my medical records here), I thought this poem would be a good scan for today. It must have been a bad Crohn’s day when I wrote it, but I was trying to convince myself that there were worse diseases out there (cancer, for example?).

I’m glad to report that I feel more in control of my Crohn’s than when I wrote this. And since my diagnosis 23 years ago (when they removed 1 ½ feet of my intestines), I have not needed any more surgery and I’ve only had to be hospitalized once (in 2008).


Even though I never asked,

I accepted you in my life.

You made me rot away

And I had a hospital stay,

From before Christmas

To New Year’s Day.

The scar on my side

And toxic air I can’t hide

Remind me

You are still with me.

I turn you into a joke

As much as I can,

But your embarrassing ways

Hit me now and again.

I’ll calmly sit,

Then have to race into

My office room,

Like a cat I run

Sensing immediate doom.

The laws took away

The best medicine

I had for you,

The closest I came

To convincing this relationship

Was through.

Don’t let these chronic lines

Go to your head,

You don’t even win a medal

For all the diseases

In my bed.

In some ways

You are just a result

Of all previous conditions,

Your name needs explaining

For most who will listen.

Ironically you were and are

The easiest to digest,

You may not be

The easiest to cure,

But you will never

Be the best.

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