Friday, December 2, 2011

BC BU Ticket (12/2/11)

Many times in life, things happen when you need them to. As I got closer to the end of this daily scan blog, I wondered how many people were actually reading it. Was there anyone outside of my family and friends? Then tonight before the hockey game (that I do NOT want to write about) started, a BC student walked over to me. “Are you from My Life Scanned?” he asked. He told me he found it by doing some random internet search for “Boston College”, and had read some of my BC-related posts. He lives in an apartment that's right near where I got hit by a Ford Bronco. It friggin’ made my night, and reminded me of why I blog and do things like speak for If I can connect with at least one person, I’ve succeeded. Thanks for coming up to me, dude. Bounce back tomorrow, Eagles.

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