Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boston College Football Ticket and Parking Pass

Today was a great day. It started with a call from my nephew inviting me to the BC football game. Going to a game with my nephew and older brother? Not a hard decision. I won this parking pass at the Magnus Halloween show costume contest for last week’s game, so it worked out well and we used it today.

There was perfect football weather at Alumni Stadium, and BC won 14-10. There weren’t too many exciting plays during the game, but the end was close and BC’s defense came up with two huge plays – an interception in the end zone and a 4th down stand. One of my nephew’s favorite parts (okay, mine too) was when a BC student ran across the field, high-fived a couple of the Eagles players, and was clotheslined by a NC State player.

BC football won’t be playing in a bowl game this year (or they’ll be in the Toilet Bowl as my dad says), but it was nice to see the team finish at home with a W. Also, I’m hoping it will help get them pumped for their game against Notre Dame next week. Bowl or no bowl, any season BC beats ND is a successful one in my book.


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