Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope Lodge 25th Anniversary Program (2010)

In May of 2010, Worcester’s Hope Lodge celebrated 25 years of being open and serving cancer patients and their caregivers. Not only was it the first time (since I’ve been here) that we served alcohol at a Hope Lodge event; I was the bartender. It was the second time that I’ve been lucky to hear 3-time cancer survivor Joyce Kulhawik speak at one of our events, which was a very inspirational way to open the celebration. When former guest Tara spoke and mentioned how spending time with me helped her deal with cancer, it was a nice reminder for why I do what I do (and my eyes watered up a bit). Also, my two awesome sisters were there to support Hope Lodge. It was a great evening and although I’d like to say I hope we’re open for 25 more years, I really hope we find a cure before then…

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