Sunday, November 20, 2011

Picture of Me with My Nephew, Halloween 2002

Just two days after experiencing my first kidney stone, I was dressing up like Peter Pan to compliment my three-year-old nephew’s Captain Hook costume. He wasn’t too terrifying, but had everyone in the family laughing one night before Halloween when we were having dinner at my parents’ house. He had been trying on the wig and practicing pirate sayings like “Ahoy me hearties” when we saw my father pull into the driveway. My nephew, who was still learning how to say certain words, wanted to surprise grandpa at the door with his wig on. He excitedly screamed, “Give me the wid, give me the wid!”, and greeted my dad as a pirate.

Today, my nephew turned 12. He had a Target gift card to use, so we went there and he picked out a Pedroia jersey and I got him an electronic dart board. Then, we went to Friendly’s and sat at the counter for lunch. It was the first time I’ve been to Friendly’s since I stopped eating meat, but I made out okay. Like we always do when we hang out, my nephew and I were laughing a lot. Even though he’s already 12, I hope he never outgrows having lunch with Uncle Dave for his birthday.

Hope you had a great birthday buddy…I love you!

(More about my nephew later this week…)

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