Friday, November 4, 2011

Bush’s Last Day Bumper Sticker (2008-2011)

I don’t like politics. I’m registered independent and voting is pretty much the only way I get involved. I think our whole system is broken, and the only way things will get fixed is if we get 3rd, 4th, and 5th parties strong enough to get elected.

Although I counted the days until “W” was out of office, I do think we have some things in common. We both had a drinking problem. I wouldn’t make a good president, and he didn’t either. We were both in a classroom on 9/11, and we both remained teaching until the end of the lesson. Neither of us was good enough to play a varsity sport in college (I opted out of cheerleading). We’re published authors. We’ve both been asked to be motivational speakers: Bush got paid a lot in the “Get Motivated” seminars, and I volunteered for to share my cancer story. We both would rather be in casual clothes instead of suits.

I disagreed with a lot (okay, just about everything) he did as president and cursed every time he stumbled over and mispronounced words, but I honestly think I’d enjoy hanging out with the guy. We’d obviously have to talk about baseball and drinking stories instead of talking about gay marriage and war, but I think we could find at least one issue we could agree on.

As you can see, it was definitely time to retire this sticker. I won’t be replacing it with any of the anti-Obama stickers I’ve been seeing (some of which are predicting his last day before next year’s election), but maybe now W will be more open to hanging out with me someday…

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