Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Card and Muppets Ticket

I’m so freakin’ thankful. I started my day just like I’d love to start every day – by playing hockey. My Crohn’s was making my stomach hurt, but I played through it and made sure I burned some of the calories I was hoping to eat later.

After resting and recharging at my parents, it was off to my aunt and uncle’s for a perfect meal with my some of my favorite people. There was laughter, NFL football, my uncle’s wonderful grace, eating, playing football (a pick-6 was my highlight), dessert, and more laughter.

Then, it was another brief rest at my parents followed by seeing The Muppets with a group taking up almost an entire row. My nephews and niece gave it “so-so, pretty good” sideways thumb reviews, but I thought it was great. Someday we’ll find the rainbow connection, and I think it will be on a day like this…

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