Thursday, September 8, 2011

Punisher Symbol Drawing and Batman Drawing by My Friend Mike (1990)

Back in 1990, my friend Mike came up to visit PEI and we made these drawings. Even though I admit Mike can draw much better than I and the Batman movies are far superior to The Punisher ones, I still like The Punisher better – He also has a much more bad-ass symbol. (You can read about my Punisher t-shirts from last year’s blog here and here.)

Today though, I think the real punisher is Jeremy Jacobs. The cheapest Bruins ticket for this season is $70. I understand that the B’s won The Cup, but this is almost double what the cheapest seat was last year. There’s only one excuse for jacking the price up that much and it’s greed. You didn’t win The Cup, Jeremy. The players did, and you were able to pay them because fans buy the tickets, buy the merchandise, and watch the games on TV. And, you made even more money because they won – especially with all the diehard and bandwagon fans buying championship gear. The cost of running this team couldn’t have gone up that much since last season – you just figured because they won you could charge whatever you wanted to. Shame on you for making that decision. When the B’s repeat as champs, will the cheapest seat be $100? Jerk.

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