Thursday, September 15, 2011 Brochure from Evo

Even though it’s right around the corner from me, I had never been to Evo before. After a very tasty black bean burger lunch, this brochure was included with the bill.

My friend Jodi thought I was kidding when I opened it and said, “Hey, I wrote my cancer story for that website.”

But My 15-40 Story is there on the 15-40 website, along with other 15-40 stories.

Like it says on the brochure, improvements in the cancer survival rates for teens and young adults have remained nearly 0% since 1975.

Two constant reminders of this statistic are guys I knew from Saint John’s and Westboro. My friend Danny Manning graduated with me in 1992 and lost his battle with cancer when we were juniors in college. I knew Greg Montalbano from Westboro and Saint John’s, and he passed away two years ago. I think about Danny and Greg every day, and they inspire me to do whatever I can to fight back against cancer.

Doing your part is easy, especially if you’re 15-40 years old – it’s all in the brochure:

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