Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coke Classic Six Pack Label (1989)

You know what the coolest thing about PEI is? It’s the little differences. Examples? Well, in PEI, you could get a bottle of Coke. And I don’t mean a little 10 oz. special edition Christmas bottle; I mean a glass liter bottle of Coke. They also call it pop instead of soda. And, you know what they have in PEI instead of Dunkin’ Donuts? Tim Horton’s. They also have the metric system there, so when the sign says “Maximum 100” you can only go about 60, they don’t know what the f- a mile is. And you know what kind of potato chips they have in PEI? Ketchup Chips. And they drown them in that flavoring, man - you’re hands are red after you eat them. But my absolute favorite? Instead of Oreos, they have Fudgeos – they’re like Oreos, but they have chocolate in the middle. I still haven’t gone into Burger King, though…

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